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Founded in Arezzo in 1972, Bamsrl has always been involved in the manufacturing of precious metals, more precisely 925% silver and brass. The company mainly produces semi-finished products, with a constantly updating catalogue of over 15,000 items.

The passion, research and attention to detail in the realization of each product, have made it a leading company in the market.

It is also possible to create, upon client’s request, particular items produced by shearing/logos/laser projects/models.

Customisation and

Our catalogue consists of about 15,000 items but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, we have as many non-catalogue items, which are exclusive to our customers: they are customised items made by us, for you, according to your instructions.

An idea is all it takes to get started! Our team of professionals will be happy to assist you in the creation of your project, walking you through all the stages from design to implementation.



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